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Send your pipeline's output to business applications in seconds via Actions or Templates.

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what are actions?

They are elements within our Pipelines tool, which allows you to send the Pipeline’s output into a specific businesses application. One of the main challenges of businesses is how to put ML pipelines into production, fast. To use Actions, simply drag and drop your favorite application, eliminating the need to worry about set up on each specific platform.

Standard destinations can be Google Sheets or BigQuery. Some Apps could be Campaign Monitor, Twilio, Facebook or Google. For example, our email Action triggers emails based on the results of the previous operators.


Run an RFM model

Find users with Similar Taste

Recommend Products to a cluster of users

Allocate Budget

Create a Behavioral Chart 

Get Ad Insights

Reduce churn

Create BI Visualization chart

Get organic Social Insights

The most useful and powerful set of Action Templates for businesses ever.

There’s a ton of initiatives and actions you can create with your data, but there’s just not enough time or manpower to run them all. With our pre-built Templates, businesses can make use of standard models and Machine Learning models crafted by our data scientists to create countless business solutions on their fingertips and with little experience. With each template you can visualize and take action in seconds. Explore our Action Templates:

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Find what's important by digging into your social media accounts.
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Get straight to the most important KPIs with these templates.
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