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AI collaborative growth
app built on top of CDPs.

Easily connect to your CDP. Understand what your customers want, predict based on their behavior, increase your ROAS, collaborate and grow your business.

Get started with the integrations you need to collaborate with your existing CDP. Clean and deduplicate your data with Machine Learning.
social listening

Real time data, sales
funnel and social listening

Visualize your sales funnel with real time data. Learn what channel is working better, if its a valid lead, demographics, behavior by day and funnel by product.

deep learning

Understand what’s working and not working with your paid and organic campaigns thanks to deep learnings.

Learn what emotions, keywords, images, formats and colors are more predominant within your audience and track your key metrics.

Predict and find personas

Find your product champions, create strategies to migrate your hibernating customers, learn what’s the LFV of your clients, predict which products your customers will buy and filter by product to cluster the personas for that product.

social listening

Rest API
Recommendation Engine

API Recommendation API Recommendation
Recommendations by
Similar User Behaviour
by User ID
Recommendations by
Content In Shopping Cart
by Similar Products
social listening

Take action in Facebook, Google, Amazon, Email and SMS.

With one click convert your personas into custom or lookalike audiences and place your ads in Facebook, Google and Amazon or email and SMS.

Our AI will use more than 15,000 variables to optimize your ads.

A/B test multiple creative assets.

social listening social listening
In partnership with Telefonica and Rappi, clients can select a cluster and populate it with Telefonica’s and Rappi’s database (more than 500 million clients) to create lookalikes in Facebook, similar audiences in Google, send personalized sms and email to specific personas.

 For example, we can send a sms to specific people that just went to a baseball game in a specific city, in a specific venue.

Rodrigo Maza

ZX Ventures Head - Ab Inbev

"The best feedback that I got from the team was the dashboards. The analytics feature from Datagran allowed us to speed up the decision making process, and to make better decisions."

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