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Our four-part, fully integrated suite uses AI to understand your audiences and optimize your digital campaigns, make creative assets, analyze your digital performance in real time and predict future performance.

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Smarter placement and targeting using Artificial Intelligence easily reduces advertising costs by at least 20%. Access the adOptimizer here

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Smarter content from
audience-based insights
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Smarter creative with automated combinations
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Smarter, trend analysis and insight for ROI
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What is Datagran?
How long should I run my campaign to get the best value for my ad spend?
Can I see how the platform is optimizing my campaign?
How can I pay?
When and how will adOptimizer bill me?
What are your available time for customer service?
What’s the minimum time to run a campaign?
Do you support Lead Generation ads on Facebook & Instagram?
What security permissions do I need to work with Facebook, Instagram, Google Display and Google Adwords?
How do I install the pixels for the ROI objective?
What if my campaign is already running and I need to modify the budget, audience or creatives?
What objectives can I use in the Free Forever plan?
Is there a minimum campaign budget?
If I cancel the plan, how long will I have access to Datagran?
Why use adOptimizer, when I can do it myself?
Which objective should I choose?
How do I use the DatagadOptimizer Platform to optimize my advertising?
Can I change the FB account linked to adOptimizer?
What permissions do I need to work with Ad Account and Page?
If I give access to my Ad Accounts, couldn't you see all the Facebook info about my business accounts?
Can I change an audience once the campaign is running?
Why is $500 the minimum budget to create a campaign in adOptimizer? Facebook doesn't have any minimum budget.
Why are the creative image and text parameters different on Facebook?
How does the optimization works for text ads in Google Adwords? What do I need?
How does optimization work for Google Display ads? What do I need?
What’s adAnalyzer? How can I benefit from it?
Can I edit creative assets after the campaign is running?
Can I create custom audiences?
How often is the report builder updated?
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