"I was waiting for the Zapier for ML for a long time"

Daisuke Ishii

Founder Kiara Inc. / 500 Startups / YC

You're in a good company.

Join more than 3000 customers on Datagran.

Datagran makes it super easy to deploy an ML model, and since I am the only Data Scientist in the company, it helps me to keep focused. It also lets me iterate faster, then I can make it core. With Datagran for example, we can connect to our database and run linear regressions to qualify leads for our sales team.

Remi Denoyer

Data Scientist

Datagran's product is so timely. This is a real problem we are encountering right now. Our unit has a ton of models but there's just too many pain points to operationalize them.

Matt Martin

Dir. of Business Analytics

We spent 3 months speaking with over 10 different people at Salesforce trying to set up an analytics platform that could integrate from multiple data sources. Datagran did it in under 15 minutes, and offers so much more with predictive AI.

Chris Sanborn

COO at HFactor Water

It's amazing the amount, and type of projects our teams can achieve using Datagran.

Santiago Diaz

Foody | Growth performance manager

Our team left the old marketing way behind. Now we're doing it the Datagran way.

Javier Garcia

Tierra y Armonia | Innovation

Loren ipsum dolirum textum inesitent.

Alejandro Mengidaña

IT Manager Stabucks

Datagran made it possible to bring ML and the business world together. We're now able to build models in hours, and send the output to Intercom in seconds, which allows our marketing team to leverage data without any delays.

Alejandro Mengidaña

IT Manager Stabucks

Starbucks activated users based on predictions, using Datagran’s ML workflows.

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Pacific Papers centralized data points to predict variables that generated the most waste.

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How Datagran transformed the way Rappi puts ML pipelines into production.

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HFactor: A company with unique business challenges.

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Unilever was able to run ML models that recommend the right assortment of products to be sold in each store by analyzing loads of data like inventory, price, margin, location, and more.

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Telefónica reached a 120% goal success rate by migrating users from paying offline to paying online, thanks to the Datagran’s app.

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How Datagran changed the way Claro puts Machine Learning Pipelines into production to reduce Churn.

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Having partners like Datagran is the missing piece for us to keep building on the amazing brands we have.

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Jamar Furniture developed a model to identify co-signers based on lender characteristics

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