HubSpot offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a CRM at its core.

Get more out of Hubspot with Datagran

  • By integrating Hubspot to Datagran, you increase the possibilities of customer data analysis and actions, based on it. Datagran gives you tools such as data processing, cleaning, clusterization, predictions, and more. All without the need to write code.


Head over to your Workspace > Project > Integrations. Click on Hubspot Integration.
Enter the information requested, log in to your Hubspot account and click on Next.
A dashboard
Select the streams you wish to extract and click Finish.
A dashboard
Check the Hubspot data source by opening the Integrations section and clicking on Hubspot. The icon next to the Integration's name will change from red to orange or green to indicate if it failed, is in process or is active, respectively.
A dashboard