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freedom to create.

Analyze data, build data models, and automate workflows with the power of AI, all without spending a second on setup.

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freedom to create.

Analyze data, build ML models, and automate workflows with the power of AI, all without spending a second on setup.



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Why large and small companies are using Datagran:

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Provides the flexibility (code and no-code)  that technical and not technical users need.

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Enterprise grade platform at a fraction of the cost with free forever tier.

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Cost reduction by eliminating the need to put toguether big specialized teams.

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Gives freedom to business users so that they can create data models easier and faster.

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Visualize data with a flexible system. Share and embedd your charts anywhere.

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Introduce a different way of work that boosts goal accomplishment by 52% through collaboration.

Matt Martin
Dir. of business analytics
Datagran's product is so timely. This is a real problem we are encountering right now.
"Our unit has a ton of models but there's just too many pain points to operationalize them."
Remi Denoyer
Data Scientist
Datagran makes it super easy to deploy an ML model, and since I am the only Data Scientist in the company, it helps me to keep focused. It also lets me iterate faster, then I can make the core.
"We can connect to our database and run linear regressions to qualify leads for our sales team."
Chris Sanborn
COO at HFactor Water
We spent 3 months speaking with over 10 different people at Salesforce trying to set up an analytics platform that could integrate from multiple data sources.
"Datagran did it in under 15 minutes and offers so much more with predictive AI."
Fabián Hernández
CEO at Telefónica
"Datagran helped us by allowing us to zoom in on all the information we have through a tech based tool. They provided us speed and the ability to merge technologies like AI, impacting positively our way of work."
"We were able to reduce CAC by 90% and increase our revenue by 4 or 5 times."
Santiago Diaz
Growth at Rappi
"The concept of an All-in-One for data is extremely valuable. Now, every player in a company can speak the same language and share the same information."
"It is leveling up the play field."
Juliana Patiño
Marketing at Subway
"We did a one month pilot program with Datagran and the results were incredible."

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