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With Datagran your teams have the alignment standardization and collaboration the company needs.

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No Recurring Upload and Download of Data.

From now on, every time a new member joins the team, there is no need to download or upload data to another system. With Datagran, teams work on the same workspace across all departments, allowing admins to assign roles.

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Workspaces and Projects.

With teams being their own unit, data standardization is key. Our platform guarantees the same data set, tools and procedures with the quality expected across the entire organization.

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Collaboration Around Data Insights.

Now, team members across the company can create and post their own custom analysis for everyone in the organization to use. With Datagran, everyone gets access to the same set of data while having the ability to collaborate around those findings. Studies show this approach which is related to the “Agile” methodology, boosts goal accomplishment by 27%.

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Standardize Data.

Create a company Workspace, start and manage projects for each team and provide access to the co-workers involved.

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