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Join a collaborative workspace: create tasks, add notes and send messages on Slack in one place

Create boards and add blocks to use your
data and collaborate with your team

We believe that without collaboration there’s no digital transformation.
Silos in companies are preventing exponential growth and we are
determined to make collaboration the center of our software.


Created personalized boards

Start by naming your board and then
selecting the people who will work on it.

Connect Integrations and set goals

Select the data sources that you want to
integrate and create goals to follow up how
all of your actions perform to achieve it

Create and take action with blocks based on your data

You can create different kinds of blocks
from analytics to predictive analysis to make
the most of your business

myboard myboard

Data based collaboration with
our tool is generating 2x
growth for our users

This is possible because teams can now share data in real time, make decisions, manage all their data and iterate to grow their business.

The old way of sharing data through email or
waiting for a specific department to share it is
not sustainable.

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Welcome to the future of data collaboration.

Add Team Members

Assign people to your boards and tag
them in any block you need. Improve the
experience of collaborating with your

Create Tasks and Add Notes

Improve your workflow by creating tasks
and notes instantly where you need it to
get the best of Bright

Share data and Store Files

Make the most out of your data, share it with your team, and start collaborating like never before

3000 customers around the world are growing with us. Get on board!

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