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Analytics and Predictions

Use your data to understand and build personas. Take action in multiple digital channels.

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Our predictive analysis saves you thousands of hours cleaning data and
analyzing it manually. Our tool uses Machine Learning to display
different types of predictions based on your transactional and web data.

Audiences by Shopping

Audiences are grouped by their shopping frequency, their average spend and the last time they bought something. Create predictive audiences based on RFM (recency, frequency and money) analysis.


Need Attention

Their Behavior

They might not have bought recently,
but their recency, frequency and
spend isn't bad.

What to do with them

Get their attention with limited time
offers based on their past purchases.
Win them back.


Loyal Customers

Potential Loyalists

Potential Spenders

Cannot Lose Them

Need Attention


At Risk

About to Sleep



Audiences by Similar Taste

The people in each audience are proven to have similar product taste. You should take advantage of it.


Audiences by
Recommended Product

We built this engine with association rules.
That way every cluster represents the next
best recommended product for a specific
audience. You can use this analysis to target
people that have never bought this specific
product but there is a high chance they might
be interested in it.

Easily export and take action in your favorite platforms!

Facebook Ads

Export Custom or Lookalike
Audiences to create Facebook and
Instagram campaigns using any

E-mail Marketing

Use Bright to export lists based
on predictive analysis to create E-mail
Marketing Campaigns

Google Ads

Export Similar audiences to
Google Display and Google Search
campaigns using any objective.

Rest API

Use our Rest API in your website or App
and show specific recommendations
by user, among others.

3000 customers around the world are growing with us. Get on board!

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