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Ad Insights and Social Media

Learn what’s working and what’s not within your paid and organic campaigns thanks to AI.


Real time insights of paid assets
in Facebook and Google

We analyze all of the paid assets and provide best performing formats, emotions, colors, asset, images, and words.


Real time Sentiment Analysis

We analyze sentiment in Facebook for both paid and organic. Reports will show sentiment on comments and most active users in the posts analyzed.


Sentiment analysis
by individual post

Explore the sentiment for a specific post
in your news feed.

Coming Soon!


Insights by Fan Page

You'll be able to get relevant performance insights about your Facebook Fan Page. You'll get to analyze what colors, images and words work the best and which is the best performing post.

Coming Soon!

Sentiment in competitors page

Explore sentiment and positive and negative comments by post. Analyze audience reactions to news or events on Twitter, the voice of your customers and their opinions on you or your competitors, including their negative mentions.

Coming Soon!

Traditional social media metrics

Keep track of your Facebook metrics in one place. Understand your total fans, reactions, paid and organic reach, top posts and more.

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